Going Too Far?

I'm not sure if I think this is silly or not.

In Atlanta, they use primary colors to name their transit lines. How could that be controversial?

Apparently, using the color 'yellow' is how to make it controversial.

I know, it's not red or blue and that is scary, right?

Turns out that the Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority decided to name the new transit like yellow. Problem is, it runs through the heart of the city's Asian community.

It's now called the Gold line.

Does anyone really think that the Transit people were being racist? Red and blue were taken folks. I think some people tend to take stereotypes too close to heart and call anything even remotely close to them racist.

Am I the only one who thinks they took this a wee-bit too far?

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Some people take offense in everything. Besides, the Asians I know aren't yellow lol