"The Happening" Never Happened

Tonight a friend and I went to go see the new movie, "The Happening". I wish I had stuck with my first thought and not gone to see the movie. Basically, the movie was just 90 minutes of people killing themselves for no reason. After a while, it got REALLY old. Who wants to watch people off themselves?? Guess what - it gets even dumber. The plants did it. Yes, the greenery "evolved" into killing machines by emitting a toxin that made people kill themselves for no reason. The movie never really ends... just kind of stops. It was so bad I left the movie. Anyone thinking of going to see it BEWARE - Mark Wahlberg does the best acting in this movie and well, that's a sad thing!

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I went because I thought Marky Mark was going to show his Winky Wink but he didn't :(