Looking for something new to watch on tv this summer? CBS has the answer for all you adults out there. The show is called "Swingtown". As you probably have guessed by now, the central plot revolves around the "swinging" lifestyle popularized in the 1970's. While the show does center around swinging, the show is much more than just that.

The show centers around Susan and Bruce Miller - a pre-yuppie couple who have moved to an upscale surburan neighborhood. Married out of high school, neither of them really experimented much sexually. Enter the new neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker - the "Swinging" couple who introduce the Millers to the lifestyle. The other notable couple is Janet and Roger Thompson who were the Miller's best friends in the old neighborhood - Janet is a "rigid" individual who does not approve of the sexually-free lifestyle of the Deckers.

As the adult couples evaluate whether to embrace or avoid newfound personal freedoms, the curious Miller and Thompson children begin to discover and assert their own morality and sexual identities as they come of age in a world on the precipice of change.

I was surprised that I actually have enjoyed the show.... Many times, shows set in the 70's tend to be cheesy and predictable -- This show has been neither of the too. Check out the show Thursday Nights at 10pm EST/9pm CST or at CBS.

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