Premiere posting

I guess it is time to bite the bullet and finally join the world of blogging. Shoot, if people are willing to read what The Hills cast has to say, there must be at least a handful of people willing to read what I write. Ha.

I suppose I should start this blog by giving a little bit of a background on myself... I am a 31 year-old male currently living in Biloxi, Mississippi. I live here with my spouse and our two dogs, Pokey and Dakota. (I'm sure I will post about them many times in the future!) I was born and raised in Troy, NY, which is located near the state capital of Albany. After attending college in NYC and in Troy, I decided to come south and finished my degree at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Yes, I am a damn Yankee - I came to stay!

As you can see, nothing very exciting has really happened in my life. However, two years ago something did happen that changed my life - I became disabled. Now, you're probably wondering how that came to be. All my life I have struggled with health issues. While playing as a member of the LSU Rugby Club Team, I had to deal with a bout of sciatica and was diagnosed with herniated discs in my lower back. After several months of therapy, I was able to live normally again. Two years ago, that changed when I began to deteriorate to the point where I could not even dress myself. I was diagnosed with 5 herniated discs and despite physical therapy and medication, the past two years has been very difficult. The good news is that two months ago I had microdisectomy surgery and I am nerve-pain free still. The bad news is that I am still living with a lot pain - fortunately the medications actually help now.

The other thing that has helped has been going to a fitness center called E-Fitness and Wellness. I have been doing water therapy (water aerobics) three times a week. It has been great to find some type of therapy that I feel like is actually helping and not just costing me money. If you're in the Biloxi area, you should definitely check them out. The monthly cost is not that high and they offer tons of free classes for all levels of activity. They even exercise your kids while you exercise yourself!

Unfortunately, I am still not working and it does not look like it will happen soon. So if you see me online a lot, now you know why! Now you know a little about me and hopefully through this blog, you'll get to know even more. Well, enough for one night! Hope y'all come back again.


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