Here Kitty Kitty

I grew up the kid with allergies to everything - dogs, cats, dust, air, etc. So, having pets was out of the question since I had a hard enough time breathing without them around. In fact, the family joke was that when I moved out my parents would get the bulldog they'd always wanted. Of course, that wasn't a joke as they did just that. Just one of the many reasons I don't care for my mother very much - but that's a blog for another day. And yes, that is the same bulldog who just passed.

Well, as I've mentioned previously, we do have two dogs now - one golden and one golden/lab mix. Fortunately I have outgrown most allergies as I've gotten older. I'm curious if I still have an allergy to cats or not. I haven't really been a fan of them but I was watching Animal Planet the other day and they were talking about the over-population of cats and it got me thinking. My partner has wanted a cat for a long time and now I'm thinking it's time to try to have a kitten around. The plan is to "borrow" a cat from a friend to see how things go.

Never having had a cat I'm a bit nervous about it. Any thoughts?

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