When Will People Learn?

This picture is of the road leading to Galveston, Tx. The crazy thing is, people STAYED to ride out Hurricane Ike. When will people learn that if you live on the Gulf coast and a hurricane is coming straight for your town - LEAVE. One person actually said he stayed behind so that he could surf the next day!

Thankfully - our family in Houston is ok. The crazy stat is that over 2 million people in Houston have no power - that's just in Houston!

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Glad to hear your family made it through fine... still waiting to hear from my brother in Conroe and cousins in Spring.
I do have to agree, if you are within 30 miles or so of the beach or ship channel, why would you really want to stay...you know you are in the flood plan and a 20+ foot wall of water is coming your way...doh!

You didn't mention the idiots in Corpus before the storm that went surfing and one of them got hurt on the jetty's and they never found his body... sad, I hate to say it but I guess that is natural selection at work.