Why Why Why

When Judge Judy came on television, the show was applauded for revolutionizing the "court" television program. Since then, we've endured some pretty bad court shows. Every fall season there is at least five new "judges" debuting on television. I think we've finally hit rock bottom. The new show with "Judge Penny" is a joke. I caught a couple minutes of the show only because I didn't change the channel fast enough to avoid it altogether. Yes the show tackles some tough issues like domestic violence and child abuse. However - you would not know this woman was a judge if she didn't have the black robe on. She reminds me of the chick you see working the corner in the middle of Brooklyn. I know she overcame a lot to get to where she is but I have a hard time swallowing this show as believable.

This is a photo of the "cast" of the new talk show, "The Doctors". This might even be dumber than the court shows out this fall season. It's great that they created a show to be a forum to discuss medicine, disease, treatments, etc. BUT - I caught a tiny bit of this show (I threw up a little) and I'm sorry but the young guy on the right was a little too jazzed about a woman's illness. While their medical skills may be very good, these people have a lot to learn about hosting a talk show.

The scary thing is that the fall season has barely started. So far, not impressed! To think there is more scary bad programming still yet to come. Lord, help us!

Update : Judge Penny got cancelled very quickly!

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