25K for Being a Bitch?

I'm a self-professed Realty TV junkie. However, even I know when they've gone too far. I like Survivor, Amazing Race, Intervention, you name it. When the "reality" show is too dumb, like The Hills, I know not to watch it - I like having all my brain cells. I had heard of a show MTV was doing called "Queen Bees" - basically a show where girls in their late teens are complete bitches and self-centered disasters. They put the girls into a house and teach them lessons on how to better themselves and how to put others needs ahead of their own. Wait. Isn't that what their PARENTS should have been teaching them to do for 18 years or so?

As the show goes on, they earn gold stars for showing progress. Ok, I thought we stopped getting gold stars for good behavior in like the 3rd grade. Watching them get the stars was like watching a starving dog eat a bowl of food. Why this reaction? Well, that's the kicker. The girl who "progresses" the most will win $25,000. I'm sorry. The girls on this show need REAL therapy. You can tell by watching the show that most of the girls are only interested in the money. If they wanted to give a cash prize for acting like a real human being - pick a charity. Don't reward some nasty diva princess with money for doing something everyone should - being a respectable human being. Seems to me that having money thrown at them is what got them in the program in the first place! Some role models MTV is giving teens these days.

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