Being Crippled Sucks

Well by now most of y'all know that I have been disabled for over two years now. Fortunately I had long-term disability insurance through my previous employer so I have been receiving benefits this whole time. Unfortunately, thanks to an inept medical assistant at the pain clinic the insurance company thinks that I can sit for hours at a time. Ha! I wish. I spend maybe an hour sitting each day and that is in 5-10 minute increments. I have to lay down to rest for a couple hours just to sit for 10 minutes.

Well since they think this, they discontinued my benefits. This wouldn't be a problem if I had SSDI - which is still in the process. Today we are sending in our appeal of the decision. Hopefully the doctor's records will be enough to convince these people that I am really a cripple. As the NPC said, if they don't realize I'm a cripple, they're morons. Ha! Nice when the doctor sides with you.

So - if you can - say a little prayer for me. It would be nice to have one less thing to stress over.

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I'll be sure to keep everything crossed (fingers simply wouldn't be enough) that everything goes your way!!

Keep Similing!!!

Sorry to hear about the Ins. snafu... but oh so typical. I hope yours get correctly quickly.

How did you become disabled, if you care to share...

Hugs and positive thoughts, prayers and gris-gris being sent your way

I have 5 herniated discs in my lower back... several are sitting on the nerve. had surgery to try to fix that part in april but it only gave relief for a few months - now im back to where i was, worse actually. I also have dengenerative disc disease in my spine. that coupled with being heavy and playing sports - rugby was/is my favorite - it all just got to be too much for my back.

I understand your emotions about it, but certainly can only empathize with your pain.
I like to water/snow ski, bike, tennis, run, ...etc. and then I broke my leg playing forward on a 'CO-ED"! soccer team!!! AGH! well at least it wasn't a girl that kicked me... :-) but I ended up with a (vertical) tibial plateau fracture. Basically spiraled down my leg from the knee down. I had a very good surgeon, but there was so much damage that it basically ended anything that involved pounding running and that has caused me to pick up about 40 lbs. due to less exercise - and a little bit of a pity party for first yr. I can do non-weight bearing things like bike and can manage tennis, but in no way compares to what you deal with day to day.

Hope there is a miracle out there just waiting to meet you and gets you on your feet...

Did you back get injured in a sports accident or auto?

nope no accident - just over time it deteriorated and one day i woke up and couldn't dress myself. Everyone thinks I must have been in an accident lol ... mainly just working on my feet 40hrs a week, etc... just caught up with me. Both my mom and gradma have back troubles. I inherited it and have it worse than both of them.

getting old sucks and you're not even old yet! :-)

Man I feel old though - 31 with the spine of a 75yo. I finally broke down and agreed to start using a cane. They wanted to give me a quad cane and I said please don't make me look like an 80yo. ha!