The Quest for Blogworld Dominance

I've been blogging for a few months now and I have recently seen a rise distinct rise in my popularity. And yes, I must thank that blogdiva, Brettcajun, for getting me interested in blogging in the first place. I also want to thank those of y'all who have begun reading my site and adding me to your blogrolls for others to find me - I believe I am up to 5 blogrolls now!

That brings me to my new mission - to dethrone Brettcajun and become the most loved blogger in the South! Well, at least more loved than Brett. Today I even told Brett of my plans and he told me to "get my video of jiggy dancing" ready for everyone to see. I think I can do it without y'all watching me break my neck - shoot, I can barely walk let alone dance! So who will help me?

Editor's Note: Brett knows I'm just having fun with him. However, if something happens to me or my blog, y'all know where to look first...

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HA HA! I am only CUT THROAT in the tennis world! I am actually happy you are blogging. You write really well. You can thank me for sending you lots of traffic your way.

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