Sad State of Justice in America

Why is it that "celebrities" get special treatment when they break the law? They break the law and a "lowlife" breaks the law but they don't get the same punishment. Somehow I don't think that is right. Look at infamous train wrecks Paris Hilton, Chloe Kardashian and Nicole Ritchie. They spent less than a few hours in jail - some just minutes - while average people would have been in there for months for the same thing. Heck, Hilton was released for being claustrophobic! Well, I would think anyone in a 4x4 cell would be claustrophobic. Why bring this up? Nick Bollea - aka Hulk Hogan's son - was released early.

So what did little Hogan do? After a chronic problem of driving recklessly, he caused an accident in which his friend, John Graziano, was severely injured. In fact, the accident left him with a hole in his skull. The following is a video of Graziano in the hospital. I will warn you - the footage is quite disturbing.

Being someone who has become physically handicapped in my twenties, I can empathize with the Graziano family. The accident left their 22-year-old son in such a state that he will need assistance for the rest his life - one that he will spend in nursing homes. And is Nick Hogan remorseful? I think he put on a good act for the courts and for the cameras. In a conversation between he and his dad, he said "heavy shit”on him because of things that he was “into.” Nick agrees, saying John was a “negative person.” That is not something someone who truly regrets what he did - more like he thinks Graziano got what he deserved.

Hogan was sentenced to 8 months in jail - and he spent a lot of time whining like a child. Now, just 166 days into his sentence, he has been released. That is ludicrous. The original sentence was too light on what he did - and he isn't even sorry about what he did. Still not convinced he isn't remorseful? He wants to do a new reality show about a 'celebrity getting back on his feet after doing hard time in jail'. I seriously doubt that he did "hard time". Have his parents warped his values so much that he doesn't see that his priorities are a little skewed? Listen to the conversation here.

I'm sorry but it is time that these so-called "celebrities" start getting what they deserve - not what they expect to be entitled to. Maybe if parents would start teaching their children what kind of people should be role models these morons wouldn't have the notoriety that they do.

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