The Quest Soldiers On....

As y'all know, I have made it my new mission to be the most loved in the blog world. Hey, I am that needy what can I say? Anyways, I was surprised when I found myself listed a new blog today! And even better - BRETT wasn't on there! (That's right Brett - I'm catching up to you!) It's OK y'all - Brett knows I'm only kidding! Ha!

Anyways - Here's the latest blog I encourage y'all to read!

Hop on over to the Melodramatic Diary of a Cynic and see what Yvespaul has to say! "Thinking outside the box" is a cliche but it is appropriately applied to his writing. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading what he has to say - if not, don't tell me, I don't wanna hear about it. ha!

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I am not on many people's blog rolls. The people who have blogs that simply regurgitate news that spreads throughout the rest of the blogosphere typically do not have me linked. But those you like to share stories about their own lives in detail tend to have me because I am on of THEM.

You know I'm kidding. Forgive me. I'll cook you dinner. Well, I'll make Darin do it. That way you won't get ill.