VH-1 should be Ghetto-1

I love reality shows. That is no secret. VH-1 joined the reality show craze by making some decent shows. When those didn't boost ratings, they turned to Flavor Flav. Then there was I love NY and Rock of Love. These shows are the extreme bottom of the barrel! Those shows are a who's-who of criminal records, drugs, STDs and God only knows what else. They spun off another show called I Love Money where losers on the "love" shows competed for $250,000. Should we really be rewarding people for being trash and willing to put their trash on television? Well THAT show has now spun off yet another ghetto version of The Bachelor - Real Chance of Love.

These are "catches" on the show. Crackhead and The Scarecrow

Do you think VH-1 enjoys being the most ghetto-fabulous channel on television? C'mon, think about what kind of women these two will attract! SCARY!!

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