From Worst to First!

I'm not one to really get into the baseball playoffs. While it is probably my least favorite sport, sometimes I do get drawn into watching a game when it is exciting. It has been nice to follow the Tampa Bay Rays this season. They changed their name, brought up a good group of young players and systematically dumped the competition. Last season, they had 97 losses. Pitiful. In fact, before this season the Ray had never won more than 70 games in a season. In short - they were HORRID. But this was their year. They finished this year's regular season with 97 victories. An amazing turnaround and an improbable dream has been realized.

The Tampa Bay Rays celebrate their first ALCS Championship

For the first time in a long time, someone other than the Yankees or Red Sox won the AL Eastern Division. To top off a great season, the Ray used their home field advantage to defeat the Red Sex tonight 3-1 and move onto the World Series against the Phillies. I'm sure we're all confident that the Ray should beat the Phillies in 4 or 5 games. In fact, an ESPN Fan poll has 68% of voters say that the Rays will win. Congrats to Matt Garza on winning the ALCS Most Valuable Player award after going 2-0 in the series and only giving up 8 hits while striking out 14 and posting a 1.38 ERA! Awesome numbers against an outstanding team like Boston.

Editor's Note : Sorry John. The Rays didn't listen to you. Ha!

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I know, I know, they totally deserved it.
We've had our time in the spotlight, and I'm more than willing to share it.

With anyone but the Yankees.

I'm very sad for my Red Sox. But perhaps Jason Varitek needs some consoling about now...

Something tells me you're more worried about Jason Varitek than the Red Sox losing.... haha