Dumb Commercials

OK - I really HATE commercials. Most are just plain stupid and they insult our intelligence. For example - look at the Free Credit Report website commercials. Catchy? yes. Annoying? you bet. These aren't the worst commercial offender though. That honor goes to the American Express commercials. Why? Have you listened to the script of those commercials? My 'favorite' one is when they tell the story of a guy who wanted to buy something and his MasterCard is over the limit and the girlfriend says "call American Express". Um.... if you've maxed out our credit card, wouldn't the responsible thing for the girlfriend to say be "no more credit!"

Yes, if I had maxed out my credit card, the answer would be to call American Express to obtain a card I cannot afford to have at a higher interest rate and more stringent payment policies. Morons!

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I hate those commercials too... hope you have had a great turkey day...