My Babies

I know y'all have read about our dogs before so here are some photos of them!

This is Pokey. Yes, he lives up to his name most of the time. We got him when he was only 6 months old - 4 of which was spent on the streets as a stray. He is about to turn 4 in December. He's a very active dog - and quite needy at times. Unfortunately, he is fearful of strangers but we've managed to get him pretty adjusted to people inside the home. He is definitely our baby boy. Could you resist that cute face?

This is Dakota. We got her in 2007 when we agreed to give her a new home when her owner's family decided they would rather get rid of her than pay for a pet deposit in a new rental home. We had dog sat for her before and each time she had matting on her face and we knew she was not getting the attention she deserved. We were very glad when we could get her groomed so she would stop suffering. Since coming into our home she is a new dog - she plays, gets lots of attention and she is clearly much happier. Not bad for an old girl with arthritis. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the behaviors she learned (or didn't learn) before we got her, but she's come a long way and we love her just as much as Pokey.

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They're both so cute, and good for you for rescuing them!

They aRE cute... and best of all you rescued them and gave them better lives!

We couldn't not take them -- we actually might be getting a third. A coworker of Darin's and her neighbor started to care for 2 dogs abandoned by another neighbor - and they were pregnant. Get this - 19 puppies! They've adopted some out but still quite a large number to find homes for. I believe we'll be getting another boy.