Must-Watch Reality TV

I know there are lot of people who do not like reality television - even some who think there is no such thing as "real" reality television. Obviously, these people have never watched the National Geographic channel! The show people really should watch is over on Arts & Entertainment channel. I know the historical reputation of the network isn't really as exciting as most networks - actually it used to be downright boring! One of the best shows I have seen is Intervention. Subjects agree to be part of documentaries about addiction - not for money but because they know they have a problem. The show does not try to sugar coat anything and they are not afraid to put out there just how low some of the addicts will go to continue their addiction. I think it is great what they are doing - offering these people a way to heal, therapy for them and their families and also educating people on the perils of addiction. It's important to note that A&E does not seek out people - they or their families contact the show about being subjects.

My favorite episode is about Tressa Thompson - a lesbian who is a former 3-time NCAA Shotput champion and at one time, an Olympic favorite. No, she did not go to the Olympics - she failed a drug test. While at the time she was not an addict, she quickly became one once her Olympic dreams were dashed by her choices to get involved with drugs. Did she accept treatment? YES. Is she still clean and sober? YES. The one thing I am still disappointed is that her family still will not accept that she is gay. They see it as a sin. Here's the interesting part to that - her dad cheated on her mom and divorced her to marry the mistress and also Tressa's younger sister got pregnant out of wedlock in HIGH SCHOOL. Glass Houses people.

Below is the first part of her story on Intervention. The rest can also be found on youtube. Also, check out the rest of her story, her update and also more stories like hers on A&E's website.

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I KNEW I liked you!
'Intervention' is one of my all time favorite shows.
I just watched 2 episodes in a row last night.

OK - am I totally shallow for wishing that Charles cleaned up better than he did? I thought he'd be cuter.


Also - I hate it when you find out they went right back to their old habits.
I know that's what makes it real...but it makes me sad.

I grew up on the other side of the fence with addicted parents who never got the help they needed. Maybe that's why I can't watch these types of shows; they make me sad. Despite the post show updates, I know that the struggles all these people face because of just one person never end. Conversly, I can't watch shows like Extreme Makeover or Three Wishes; I find them very emotionally draining. Bugs Bunny suits me just fine though!