New Addition to the Family

We are such suckers for cute dogs who need homes. A coworker of Darin's "adopted" two abandoned dogs that their neighbor decided to leave their dogs behind when they moved - and both dogs were pregnant. Seven weeks ago they gave birth - to 19 puppies. Yep, 19 of them! We've been wanting another dog but don't really have the room but we went to see the puppies tonight anyways. We were there for feeding time and there was on chubby little girl who was more interested in my foot than she was in the food - that's when we knew she was coming home with us. So now we have a 7 week old puppy to potty train and to love. And now we need a name for her - Feel free to give us some suggestions! And now for some pictures... (Some have Darin in them)

Editor's note: We've tentatively decided on the name Bella for our new little girl

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How about Bristol?

Or Trig?

We came up with Bella today and she's already answering to it so I think that's what it will have to be lol