Puppies are Exhausting

OK - I knew the new puppy wasn't going to be thrilled with being in a kennel for the first time last night. I figured she'd at least SLEEP some - especially since she mostly sleep since we brought her home. I think the longest I slept last night at one time was an hour - other than that her crying woke me up every 20-30 minutes. So now I have a monster headache and feel awful. Of course she has had to go out like every 2 hrs on top of that - which I expected. BUT - she decided to pee on my bed even though she had just peed outside 20 minutes before - lucky me! Let's not forget that she is teething too so she is trying to bite everything she can - especially my fingers and toes. She was so sweet last night -- it's like Jekyll and Hyde!

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Yikes. As much as I love my little Scooter...the thought of going through those sleepless nights makes me cringe.

It'll all be over soon.

Assuming she's a quick learner.... :-)

Gosh I hope so! She's already used the training pad once which is great -- and although she cries when in the kennel, she actually is walking into it on her own. I'm taking an ambien tonight so hopefully i will sleep through the crying lol

I really miss having a dog sometimes. but I'm single and not home enough,and I live in an apartment. AND I'm just too selfish. It isn't fair to them

Otherwise i would have a dog in a heartbeat