Barack is Magic?

I'm sure by now all my readers have heard about a song/parody that has been promoted by Rush Limbaugh called "Barack the Magic Negro". I heard about it today and I wanted to find the song to post to find out what y'all think about it. Now the argument right now is, is Limbaugh getting a free ride? You may remember last year when Don Imus made comments regarding the Rutgers University Women's Basketball team and was fired from his job. The stand by Limbaugh and his defenders is that this song is 'political satire' while Imus' comments were just racist remarks. What do y'all think?

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I cannot believe he can get away with something like this... Absolutely terrible...

It's not a big deal. Limbaugh was making fun of the LA TIMES not of Barrack. The whole point was what hypocrites people are. The LA Times had an op ed or some article calling Barrack "The Magic Negro" ... that is the whole point of the song.

jewjewbee...get over it. You clearly don't know the background or story behind it.

I don't really like the song personally but it's not that big a deal.