Doctors Suck!

I have had my fill of going to doctors. For the past 3 years, I have been to the doctor far too much and I'm really getting tired of it. Anyone who has had to deal with Pain Management clinics can relate. They always have too many patients and the wait time is horrible. They never can give you enough attention and you leave feeling like you were just taking up too much of his precious time.

The doctor I have been going to I started seeing merely because of the insurance company. Now that my insurance ran out, I think it is time I found a new doctor. Fortunately, I am starting to see doctors at the free clinic in town - one of the best around actually - but I'm afraid they will tell me that they don't do chronic pain management. Regardless after today's experience it is time to get away from Dr. Procedure. I think of him as that because he really only sees patients who are willing to do worthless procedures - ones that cause the rest of us to have to wait 2 or more hours when we go. Hello - we are there because we are in pain! Yes, we love waiting for 2 hours and leaving in more pain than when we came in!

Today's was the worst because I was there for 3 hours waiting. After all that time, they had only given me my prescriptions but never examined me. Did not even ask me about my current pain, problems, nothing. To top it off, the disability insurance company had sent a form basically asking if the doctor thought I could work at all and if so, for how long. He told me - after 3 hours and a month of the form sitting there - that he does not do disability evaluations. It isn't an evaluation! And the funny thing is - if you look on his list of prices for services it lists disability forms! When I asked him why he had me there waiting for 3 hours to tell me that and why they didn't tell me that a month ago he just said "whatever you want me to do you need to submit in writing - goodbye". He gave me an entire minute of his time. So, he can expect something from the state medical board once I submit my complaint about this complete idiot.

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