Idiots on March

Hazing isn't anything new. What gets me is that people continue to do it even though so many get caught. The latest incident of hazing nationally has been reported in Baton Rouge, LA at Southern University. "Mellow Phi Fellow" is the unofficial 'fraternity' for the French Horn section of the Jaguar Marching Band. Police have arrested six Southern students for '"ritualistic torture" and aggravated second-degree battery and ritualistic acts' and police anticipate a seventh arrest.

According to police reports, victims were blindfolded, stripped of their shirts, doused with water and struck with open hands. The worst part is that they were then beaten with a wooden paddle. Two students were hospitalized and a third was treated after being struck more than 50 times with the paddle.

I have two things I am wondering about in these instances. First, why would the students allow the upperclassmen to do this garbage to them? I was part of a fraternity and the excuse that hazing "builds brotherhood" is a crock. We did team building excursions and seminars and I don't think hazing could have created the same type of bond. Secondly, why are only the upperclassmen charged with these crimes? Seems to me the so-called victims condoned the behavior of the older students - until they were injured. Now if I was getting hazed and hit with a board 50 times - why not refuse to continue? Usually in hazing situations, the "hazed" have the opportunity to leave the group.

Now I know the answer to these questions - the 'victims' are people with low self-esteem with a strong need to belong. Parents - where are you? Teach your kids they do not need to degrade themselves in order to belong.

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Getting hit with a board 50 times??? sounds a bit like my Friday night!