LIVE from New York - it's ROOKIE!

That's right kids - I'm up here in Upstate NY. I managed to find an unsecured network to leech off of - that dial up was WAY too slow. I wish I could say that I've done some exciting stuff (I'm living vicariously through you John) but we've basically just stayed here at the house. I did go to Super Walmart though! (Yes I know, that is sad.) We've already had 3-4 inches of snow and oh boy! 10 more inches is coming our way (get you mind out of the gutter boys).

Not much more will happen while I am here except for the family coming on Sunday for an early Christmas dinner. Of course, there has to be drama with that. God forbid the adults could be adults for a change. I would love to know how children of divorced parents deal with having both parents at holiday meals - our situation is complicated but of course one parent now being in a love with a new person is too much for the other to deal with. Oh, and they set the other one up with that person! Seems to me they cannot be upset about it now but of course, they are.

Okay time for me to go watch some television before bed. See y'all again once I am back in Mississippi! Enjoy your Christmas everyone!

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Welcome to winter hell. Sorry the weather isn't nicer for your visit. FYI: My partner is from Mississippi. Cool beans, eh? Happy holidays...if your start needing an esacpe from family...we have a roaring fire and plenty of spirits ;-)

Thanks! Fortunately I just have 2 more days to get through - tomorrow is the family dinner (pray for me) ... and then dinner with dad and his girlfriend on Monday ... then back to the South for the nice weather again!

Merry Christmas to you as well! Have a safe trip!


Hey Hey rookie, is me LIFE, u be okay i know xoxoxo to u cya when uget back have safe trip n enjoy ur time there hunnie.