Back to Biloxi

Howdy readers! I am now back home in Biloxi after my week in NY and Christmas in Louisiana. I cannot tell you how glad I am to be back in my own bed. When you have health issues like mine, your mattress can become your best friend and mine sure has (Thank you for the mattress Brent!). Fortunately, Darin's parents have a topper for their bed that is similar to my tempur-pedic but my gram's guest room bed is incredibly hard.

Unlike when my buddy John went on his vacation to Florida, I don't have anything near as exciting to report (no 3 days worth of posts on this one!). I didn't expect to do a whole lot while I was there but I had hoped for more than I got. Right after getting there, my mom lost her job. She was 1 of 100 who were laid off from the college where she worked. Of course, she always needs to be the center of attention (mainly trying to get people to feel sorry for her) and this was no exception. She was immediately in a pissy mood. She got 3 months severance AND they hired a company to help those laid off to find new jobs. My partner lost their job and got NONE of that. But I don't get to be upset but she can be. Yes, please be pissy to someone who has it WORSE than you do. Nothing unusual for her there.

My dad procrastinated as usual and thanks to the weather, our dinner never happened. And there was the weather. 22+ inches of snow over the week. 8-10 inches twice! The highlight of the week was my family all getting together for what will probably be my gram's last Christmas at home. That was the main reason I was flying up there for the visit. It would have been nice to get out to do more than just go to Walmart.

After spending 8 days in NY, it was time to fly home. Of course, my 2nd flight was cancelled and instead of leaving at 6am (I was there at 4:30am), I was now leaving at 5:20PM. The guy tried to blame it on the weather and decided it was ok for him to give me attitude for showing up 12 hours early. Well, no one notified me that the flight had to be changed. I even called at midnight the night before and nothing had been changed. So, he wasn't going to compensate me in any way. Of course I was ticked about that. Fortunately when I checked in for the new flight, they didn't charge me the $40 for the luggage. That's all I wanted in the first place!

The flights were uneventful and then we had a 2 hour drive to the in-laws. God it was nice to get into bed! Is it horrible that I would rather spend Christmas day with the inlaws rather than my own family (You excluded Erin!)? Now we just get to start packing up the house now that we are home. More on that later...

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