Excitement in Facebook land!

I know I have talked about me new Facebook addiction before but I have to say I'm really glad I decided to sign up for it. Last night I was talking with people I haven't seen since elementary school! It's nice to find out that you're not the only dork wondering about people you haven't seen since the 4th grade. ha! It's also great to see how our lives have evolved and how different we are since the last time we last saw each other.

That's not even the reason I am so excited. Well, it is part of the reason. They have this 25 random things meme going around. At first I thought it was going around like the common cold - but I am really glad I decided to post my own! I even had trouble coming up with 25 things about myself that are remotely interesting. One thing I put in there was that I was searching for my former best friend Melissa. We had been great friends through high school and into college. We even got our first real jobs together. More importantly, she was the first person I came out to.

Well, someone who is on my facebook page read that and it turns out she is close friends with Melissa's younger sister! She passed it on to her and Michele called her sister at work to tell her I was looking for her and (like I did) she started crying. It's nice to know I was that missed - Lord knows I have been missing her like crazy. Now I have a way to contact her!

I know I sound like a dork - but if you haven't signed up for Facebook, you really should. It is nothing like MySpace (my readers know how I detest MyWhore) and you never know who you will find!

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I've completely (and will continue to do so) resisted the Facebook phenom. Betwixt the 74 podcasts I listen to, the 136 blogs I read regularly, my Twitter addiction, and all the other "social networking apps" I use, I just don't have another second for Facebook.

I can understand. I just have my own blog and the 20 or so that I read. And since I am disabled, I have a lot of time on my hands. It's been nice talking to people from my past and seeing how they've ended up. IF I had all you're involved with I probably would have not bothered with it in the first place either.

I live for facebook.
But you already knew that.
I'm glad you found your friend... :-)

Long Live Facebook! (but without the many errors)