Good Thoughts Needed

Couple things going on ...

1. Brother-in-law is going through a stressful time ... Hoping all goes well on that front.

2. Darin's formal job offer should be coming on Tuesday ... Will be nice to have money coming in again and we can get the move to PA on track. Yankeeland here we come!

3. Depression SUCKS. I'm tired of pills. I'm tired of doctors. I'm tired of needing help dressing myself. I'm tired of being a burden.

4. Darin won't be here to help me get dressed for like a month. Any volunteers?

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Maybe you should just go round naked. Saves on laundry and wear and tear on your clothes.


Hey rookie its me jabberz umm imm a here for u u know that but just think of all the good things comin to u both when u do move weeeeehooooooo xoxoxoxoo n dont run around naked we all go blind lmao xoxoxoxo laterzzzzzzzzzz