Golden Globes

I don't usually watch shows like the Golden Globes (no one I like ever wins) but I did this year due to lack of anything else to watch (I have 4 channels). Here are some of my observations of this year's show.

Anne Hathaway was HOT!

Drew Barrymore - Why did she decide to do a throwback to Dynasty with her hair? I think she used a couple cans of hairspray to make it that big and it looked windblown as well! Fire your stylist!!

Brooke Burke and Tiki Barber on the Red Carpet - Couldn't they find anyone more interesting and talented to do the show?? The only thing they could ask anyone is "Who are you looking to see tonight?" Sheesh!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens - Beauty and the Beard.

Maggie Gyllenhaal talking about how sad it is regarding Heath Ledger not being there - ummmm it is sad that his daughter will grow up without a father but he OD'ed on drugs! It's not like he had cancer or anything.

Miley Cyrus - GROW UP! It's not classy to stick your tongue out to the camera when they announce your nomination for a Golden Globe.

Miss Golden Globe - Rumer Willis ... WHY??

Anna Paquin -- WTG! So deserved for True Blood!!

Blake Lively and Rainn Wilson - do NOT bring these two back to present an award. They were either too drunk or too dumb to get it right.

30 Rock - I'm sorry. Awards shows are NOT to give awards to programs no one is watching. No one is watching this show yet it wins everything. Why is that?

Finally, why do movies that haven't even been released to theaters or anything win awards already? I would think they should go up for consideration AFTER they've been in the theaters!

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