OK. I have personally tried to keep politics off of my blog. But after hearing nothing on the news except for the inauguration, I feel like I should say something - whether people like it or not.

I personally am not in love with Obama. I think we should wait until he actually does something before people get so enamoured with him. I have news for you - it is not Obama himself everyone loves. It is the idea of change - of some sort of utopia that is supposedly going to happen when he becomes President.

I am not saying I don't like him or that I think he won't do great things. I just think it is more responsible of the American people to wait for him to do something - anything really - before granting him sainthood.

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TOTALLY agree. I am personally sick of hearing about Obama, and how he's so great because he's the first african-american to become president. But once today is fully over, hopefully things die down and we can find out how he really does in office.

I completely agree. I have my own list of things I want changed. I don't know if he will see it but so far a lot of people agree with me.

I hope he can live up to even half of what he promised. That alone would be a quantum shift for America.