18 or 21?

A story tonight on ABC's 60 Minutes dealt with the controversial issue of lowering the legal age to purchase alcohol from 21 to 18. The movement is being led by the President of Middlebury College in Vermont. Having grown up in the Albany, NY area, I had heard stories about the partying that went on in that town. In fact, I believe there was a death due to alcohol at the college when I was in high school.

Proponents of lowering the age cite the fact that currently it is next to impossible to effective enforce this law. Mainly, all they can do is write tickets. All that has accomplished is driving the drinking further "underground." They also believe that high risk underage drinking takes place because of the law. Perhaps had the age not been raised in the first place, we would not have college and high school students engaging in risky drinking games or trying to "speed drink" before going out in order to get drunk cheaper and faster.

So I will pose this question - Should the age be lowered to 18? Why or why not? Any thoughts?

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My thoughts are as follows...the government lowered the speed limit on our highways to "save gas" and that didn't work so i don't see how keeping the drinking age at 21 is going to lower drinking in our countrys youth. So i say lower it back to 18, it won't make much of a difference anyway.