American Idol Group #1

Well America, Group #1 for American Idol Season 8 has performed and the votes were cast Tuesday evening. I just have a brag a little - I predicted all 3 of the finalists voted into the Top 12. The 3 finalists moving on were Michael Sarver (yes! He is the hottie I told y'all about recently), Alexis Grace (clearly the top female last night) and Danny Gokey (who brought the house down with his rendition of the Mariah Carey #1 hit, Hero).

Michael Sarver ----------------- Alexis Grace

Danny Gokey

Obviously having predicted that these would be the three to move, I think the public definitely got it right. I think they judges probably felt the same way. Most of the 12 performers in this first group actually performed way worse than their earlier auditions. That begs the question, should some of them have even made it into the Top 36? I think there were several people who the audience was shocked to learn were cut prior to the live vote. In this group, there was one guy who FORGOT his lyrics to his final audition song in Hollywood week and several teenage girls who clearly butchered hit songs (Casey demolished the Police hit "Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic" and Stevie Wright bludgeoned Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me").

The main problem with most of the other contestants is that they were forgettable. So much so that I can't remember what half of them did - and a couple contestants I don't even remember from the audition episodes. Then there was Tatiana Del Toro. You'll remember I posted a video showing this nutcase during Hollywood week. Well, someone let the helium out of Tatiana. All of sudden, she was this somber chick who looked stoned actually. I know she is from Puerto Rice, but her English is actually quite good - so what was up with her during the results show?? How many times did she need to fix her hair on camera? Her performance was actually pretty good - her problem is that audience I don't think will connect with her.

From here, the losing contestants will have to hope for a spot in the Wild Card night where 3 more contestants will advance. We know for sure that Anoop Desai (who missed out by 20,000 votes) will be in the Wild Card. Good luck Anoop!

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I'm happy with the top 12 and THRILLED that Tatiana is gone.
What a wreck.

Make sure you keep us updated...I don't always get to watch. :)

Be careful.... She MIGHT end up in the Wild Card show ... She actually was one of the better ones from Group 1. I'm not so confident in Group 2. There are many who didn't get a lot of air time ... I think I saw 2 or 3 I thought are really good, but that's about it. Oh, and "Norman Gentle" is this group - we should be in for a treat with him - I think he will get through just based on his personality appeal.