Survivor - Know When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Okay - Don't the people who go on this show know that you have to learn when to keep your mouth shut? It is a running theme in Survivor history - you run your mouth about someone before the first time you go to Tribal council and you GO HOME. Hey Candace - maybe you should have watched more Survivor episodes before auditioning for the show.

I think we all expected Sierra (who had been voted the weakest during Episode 1's "First Impression Vote") to be the first person voted out of Timbira - but "Coach" was able to convince people that Candace was a "poisoned apple" that needed to go. I have to admit - as much as it pains me - that "Coach" did something smart. He convinced the sheep to vote out the person gunning for him. He is still a tool but at least he has SOME strategy.

Dumbass of the Weak : Taj. Why the hell would you tell the others your husband is Eddie George? Next you're going to tell people that your former career was as a member of the hit r&b singing group, SWV. You just admitted to your tribe that you DON'T NEED THE MONEY. Good going.

Surprise of the Week : Sandee. Who knew she could kick ass like she did in the Immunity/Reward challenge? She was tackling people less than half her age! Even the people in Timbiri talked about how "the little old lady" kicked their pathetic asses. Hopefully that will keep her in the game for awhile. It sucks that the younger people think she should go simply because she's older.

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