American Idol Hottie

Okay... for once my partner and I agree on someone who is "hot". Michael Sarver has my vote this season! I think Darin just likes that he is an "oil rig roughneck" but I was attracted to his voice first. The question will be if people will vote for him over some of the "favorites" who have had more screen time. If you're an Idol fan - vote for Michael Sarver this coming Tuesday!

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Can you believe I've never seen American Idol? I do hear/read people talking about it a lot. Also about versions in other countries like Australia. I think there's a similar program here in France, too.

I'm so out of it!

Uhhh, yeah. I haven't seen Idol since the first season. But man, I love this dude's chin. I've always wished I had a cleft chin...or dated someone that had one.

I completely agree with you.
He's SO cute. There are actually a few really cute guys on there...and the men are completely outsinging the women this year.

That guy with the glasses (who's wife recently died) is also quite cute and will be around for a while (if not the winner).

That would be Danny Gokey - I was surprised to hear how soulful his voice is. I'm not sure if voters (a lot of younger girls) will really connect with him, although I hope that they do. The other one I really like is Adam Lambert - he was the one in the SF production of "Wicked". And I believe all of the judges have been quoted as predicting a male winner again this - and I agree.

I'm a Danny fan. I love his voice....and of course, I just want to hug him. :) I think he just seems like an amazing guy (such a sad story), and he reminds me of a young Robert Downey Jr., but without all the toxic chemicals!