CLUE remake???

Yes! Apparently it has been decided that the 1985 movie Clue is going to be remade!! Universal has tabbed Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski to director the film. I have to say, this is my FAVORITE film of ALL TIME. I'm not sure how I feel about the remake. On one hand, the original was perfect and I wouldn't want it messed with. But on the other hand, it doesn't have to be looked at like a remake or a sequel - just another way to use the influence of the board game. I will have to wait to see the cast before I make a judgment of the film.

Darin and I actually started to brainstorm who we would like to see in the film. I know some others have thought of putting Johnny Depp in the movie because his connection to Verbanski, but I really hope not! Yes the movie should be 'dark' but it still should be a comedy. I also read on the Entertainment Weekly site that they would want Christopher Guest and crew (Best in Show) to fill the cast - again, it's a dark comedy not a mockumentary!

The first person who came to my mind was Megan Mullaley for Mrs. White. I could see her giving that character the same brilliance that Madeline Kahn did. Who else have I thought of? Fred Willard as Professor Plum, Eric McCormick (Will & Grace) as Mr. Green, Bette Midler as Mrs. Peacock, Mathew Broderick as Wadsworth, Portia di Rossi as Yvette, Geena Davis as Miss Scarlet and Bill Murray as Colonel Mustard. Oh, and if they decide to have a "singing telegram girl" like the original, please get Miley Cyrus. That would be just hilarious.

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