The Gays Have It!

Tonight was the third leg of the Amazing Race 14 and it did not disappoint. Several good things happened tonight. First, cocky siblings Victor and Tammie run into trouble when their flight leaving Munich had technical trouble and they had to turn around and go back to the airport in Munich. This took them from first place all the way to last! Then, the same siblings were following the wrong path markers to the Detour (race markers are red/yellow - the ones they were following were the park's red/white markers). Despite Tammie repeating her thoughts that they were doing the wrong thing, Victor (who always has to be right) refused to turn around until they'd hiked up the entire mountain and found nothing. When they reached the bottom, within moments he found the correct marker. Then, during the detour challenge, their key came loose off the coffin they had to unlock and they had to waste more time finding it. Can you tell I don't care for Victor? It's just nice to see someone who thinks they are brilliant do stupid things.

The best thing about the leg was that father/son team Mike and Mel White came in first place! Some of y'all might know who Mike White is. He is a write and actor who has done quite well for himself. He wrote and starred in the movie Chuck & Buck and also wrote School of Rock, Orange County and Nacho Libre (all starring Jack Black). The interesting thing about this pair is that that both father and son are gay. Congrats guys!

Mel and Mike White

And as is the case with every episode, we had to lose a team. I was surprised that it was married couple Brad and Victoria. They may have been the oldest team, but they were probably in better shape than the rest. Unfortunately for them, they chose to take a flight that was delayed long enough to cause them to miss their connection. That put them 9 hours behind the other teams and that was too big a difference for them to overcome. I was hoping they would do better. Brad had been a drug addict and alcoholic and has been sober for over 20 years. Also, Victoria had major foot surgery and was told she would never run again. I think they proved what they could do - just sorry it wasn't Victor and Tammie going home! Ah, there's always next week for that.

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