Dave likes to...

The following list documents the top 10 list of things "Dave" likes to" do, as determined by the world's most popular search engine. If you wish to play along, these are the instructions: Go to Google and search for "[Your first name] likes to" and then state here the top 10... Make sure to use quotes around "[Your first name] likes to."

DISCLAIMER: Realize this is according to google...now get ready to laugh...

1. Horny "Dave" likes to be watched!!
2. "Dave" likes to jack off by Alyson.
3. "Dave" likes to be rectally penetrated while deepthroating a large penis. [then it mentions
something about a black hole...]
4. "Dave" likes to play with ... [it doesn't specify, just stops there!]
5. "Dave" likes to tumble.
6. "Dave" likes to get his picture taken. [um, no I don't.]
7. "Dave" likes to kiss babes but Matt likes to kick. [Um, can I have Matt instead?]
8. "Dave" likes to diagram.
9. "Dave" likes to play. [Apparently we know what Google thinks I play]
10. "Dave" likes to listen.

Apparently, google thinks I am some kind of easy whore or something!

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1. Donna likes to think about whether we have a soul and the meaning of life, and I like to go make lists about what we have to do tomorrow
2. Donna likes to shop - for anything and everybody.
3. Donna likes to grab things (heehee)
4. Donna likes to say, "One Child, One Family at a Time.
5. Donna likes to begin by studying the unique blend of culture, people, location and theme of a project
6. Donna likes to dress funny (oh ain't this the truth!)
7. Donna likes to spend time with her family, connect with the youth in her church community, read, walk, and garden
8. Donna likes to mix and match styles and patterns
9. Donna likes to participate in manuscript preparation and submissions
10. Donna likes to play in the sandbox with her G.I. Joe's

Somehow I think you'd rather have a real life GI Joe :)