Even More on the Baby Lady

I know I have mentioned the "crazy baby lady" a few times and lately I haven't been as enthusiastic to read more about her. It just gets nuttier every day. She started out saying she'd never accept charity. Then we find out not only has she received charity but she has also received welfare. Of course, she doesn't think food stamps is welfare - but guess what, they are! Also, she has had a website created to beg for donations of money and supplies. A bit hypocritical, don't you think? She has even been offered free care - including therapists, medical care, daycare - which also comes with a new home to live in, yet she has not accepted the help.

In fact, in the recent television interview that included her mother, she says, "maybe I need to give up needing to be in control and accept the help." This is the same woman who swore that she did the IVF treatments because she could afford the children. I don't think she really thought more about the costs of more children than just "oooh! a baby in diapers!" I don't even think she realizes that without her parents' help and the help of public assistance, she couldn't even afford the six children she already has.

What really makes me mad is I don't think she really understands what she is doing her six children psychologically or what harm will be done in the future to all 14 of her children. Ironically, she has been trying to earn a masters degree in counseling and has worked as a licensed psych technician. That scares me that she has been involved with the care of people considering she clearly seems to not have a grip on reality. I grew up in a home where I came out of it psychologically damaged (I know I have not explained why yet, but at a future time I will). I know firsthand the kind of damage that can happen because of the actions of parents. The type of parenting, or lack there of, has a clear effect on the kids. Sometimes, these effects may not even be seen until later in adulthood.

I really cry for these babies. I pray that something will happen that will ensure these kids have a better future than the one at the end of the road they are currently on.

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