"Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise"

I found this over on the Towleroad website. I think this is a hilarious piece of art. Those featured as passengers on the ark are Ellen Degeneres & Portia DeRossi, Rosie O'Donnell & wife Kelli, Bert & Ernie, Brokeback Mountain's Jack & Ennis and Elton John & David Furnish. I was surprised that the artist left out Harvey Milk! Meanwhile, anti-gay propagandists and sinners are among those drowning in the sea. You'll notice Fred Phelps and his Westboro Church signs in there as well as Larry Craig, Pat Boone's guitar (he was a supporter of Prop 8), Ann Coulter and others. The painting, by artist Paul Richmond, was created for a gallery show called “Sweet & Low: Optimism in a Pessimistic Age” at Gallery Arcane in San Francisco.

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