One Survivor Tool Given The Ax!

Previously I have mentioned what a tool "Coach" from Survivor is. Come on, his name is Benjamin Wade yet he commanded people associated with Survivor to refer to him as "Coach". That was enough for me to consider him this season's tool - then his mouth opened. That just solidified his position as Tribe Tool. Apparently, he is looking to become a Professional Tool.

According to the people at Reality TV World, he has managed to be fired from his coaching position at Southwest Baptist University. Okay, first I am surprised that a Baptist college would hire this guy in the first place. Look at him on the show with his "Asian" clothing and him spouting his garbage about being a "Renaissance Man" or Oriental sensei or whatever he calls himself. This leads me to believe that either he was lying to the school when he was hired or he is putting on an act for the show. According to Wade, he was fired because "the administration felt like Survivor was me going to Hollywood." According to the school he was fired because he ditched his job two weeks before the soccer season ended and never told the school he was going on the TV show. He told them he would be out for a week and ended up being out for two months (can we say he must have made it into the Jury at least then?).

"This has opened up a whole new world to me," Wade said. "I loved being myself on camera. There's going to be a lot of interest from the show in who I was and what I did. I'm definitely excited about that." Can we say clueless? Apparently he said this BEFORE watching his dumbass self on television. He is trying to be some modern day Mr. Miyagi or something and somehow I doubt that is going to get him an agent or any acting gigs. He claims his future goals are to be on a future All-Stars edition of Survivor or to host his own show called The Coach Wade Show. Um, somehow I don't think any network is going to give the fired coach of a small-time women's soccer team his own show. Something tells me he is a few tools short of a toolbox. He is going to be real disappointed when no one calls him for an acting gig!

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I'm actually sort of shocked that someone still watches Survivor....

Believe it or not, it still has very high ratings ...