Playtime With Pokey and Dakota

It's amazing to see how much Dakota has changed since coming to Louisiana. Before we got here, she NEVER wanted to play. She pretty much just ate, slept and got attention from us. Now, she not only wants to play with Pokey (who is always ready to play) but she even initiates playtime! The funniest thing is that once in a while, she would try to roll onto her back. She reminded of a turtle trying to roll without ending up on their back. Now, she drops onto the ground outside and rolls completely over. You have to understand, Dakota is very wide and has stubby legs. It isn't an easy maneuver for her at all. It's been awesome to see her so playful and really come out of her shell here. I can't wait to see how she handles being up in the North!

This third photo is the funniest of all the ones I got this day when they were playing. Is it just me or does Dakota look completely vicious?? I assure you she isn't! In this photo she reminds me of a lioness hunting its prey!

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