Paula Abdul: Drunk or Just Stupid?

I've often wondered what the judges have in the Coke glasses in front of them. I've figured out that Simon Cowell must have prune juice in his. Randy and Kara, well I don't really care about them. But Paula, she must have some good liquor in her glass. That is the only logical explanation for her genius wit and intelligence. How many times an episode does she stop mid-sentence and you just wonder if she even knows where she is? Doesn't anyone else wonder why she is checking out the contestants' legs instead of listening to them sing? Sometimes I wonder what song she is listening to - clearly it's not what the rest of us are hearing.

I think she must do her interviews drunk too. She makes statements and then the next day makes sure everyone who will listen to her knows "that isn't what [she] meant!" Her latest remarks that she retracted were once again criticizing the existence of a 4Th judge on Idol. This is the second time she has made bonehead remarks and then tried to take them back. Hey Paula - your contract ends at the end of this season. You might want to keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your useless spot on the panel.

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She is definatly on something. She and the producers should just own up to it already.If she is not abusing substances she may have some sort of brain tumor.