Amazing Race : The Mighty Have Fallen

The week's episode was quite entertaining - for several reasons. The blondes, Christie and Jodi, and sisters Jen and Kisha were very excited about being so far ahead of the rest of the teams. Then they found out that because there was only one train per day to the city they were going to, all the teams ended up on the same train.

The teams took a 450-mile ride on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and then had to get in 4-gear standard vehicles (known as Lada cars) and find their way to one of two Detour challenges. The first detour consisted of finding a specific church and getting a photograph of a bridal couple and getting the clue from the groom. The second (and more fun to watch) challenge involved the teams learning how to drive a snowplow. They had to drive the plow down a short course full of zigzags, then turn around and the 2nd teammate would drive the plow back. The funniest moment was Luke (the deaf contestant) trying to tell his mother she was messing up.

Of course, the funniest driving was Tammy and Victor in the Lada vehicles. The kept sliding because of the "ice" - even Tammy said they don't do anything to help break the Asian driver stereotype. And of course, half the teams got lost - especially the blondes - and Victor proved untrustworthy again. Duh. Maybe the other teams will finally figure out that Victor is a jackass.

The best part of this week was the Roadblock challenge - stripping down to their skivvies and running a marathon-style race. Who wouldn't like to watch some half naked running? Well, maybe if Kris was still around it would have been a nicer view. I think it also taught Christie to wear more than just a thong on the race and kisha to actually wear underwear period - you never know what can happen on the Amazing Race.

I was ecstatic to see Margie and Luke win the leg for the 2nd time. They were followed by Victor/Tammy in 2nd, Jamie/Cara in 3rd and Mel/Mike in 4th. Ironically, the previous leg's top two teams - Christie/Jodi and Jen/Kisha - were fighting it out for 6th and 7th place. Unfortunately for us, this was a non-elimination leg - so we will have to endure their stupidity for at least one more week.

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