Celebrity Apprentice, Week 3: Battle of the Brides

This week's episode started off with Khloe Kardashian, last week's winning PM, presenting her check to her charity. I find it interesting that she chose a drug and alcohol awareness charity considering she had a DUI just last year. She said that she "learned so much" from having been charged with the DUI.

Did she also learn a lot from her 7 minutes in jail? Probably not.

Anyways - this week the task was to take an empty store front and turn it into a bridal gown store. Um, did they really expect the men's team to do well at this? I know last season ended with two men in the final two but couldn't you have made it less obvious that Trump wants a woman to win?

The project mangers were chosen and the women chose Brande Roderick to get credit for the gimme victory. And the men chose Tom Green to head to the slaughter. It's not like the men really wanted to win this task anyway. Losing meant getting rid of Tom.

Some highlights ... well, probably low lights really ...

Khloe Kardashian yelling "guys suck ass" to woo customers to their storefront. Um, was there any doubt about that Khloe?

Herschel Walker used yet another football analogy. Could someone remind him this isn't a football team?

Dennis Rodman got drunk and called in sick. Tom Green was, well, he was Tom Green.

Surprise! The women won. Each time sold about the same number dresses at just over 20 each. But the women won $103,000 to $64,000. What a shock.

Yes, Tom got fired. To be honest, Dennis should have been fired too - but then they wouldn't have had the drama that is in store for us next week! That's right folks - next week is the "Dennis Rodman Meltdown!" From what we already know, he gets in Clint Black's face. Sad thing is, if the men win next week, he would stay. Oh, well that won't happen - the men's team is horrible.

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