Amazing Race : U Turn, U Leave

I really enjoyed tonight's episode of the Amazing Race. Granted, Victor is still in it but my team (Margie and Luke) are still doing well, so I'm ok. The teams left Romania and ended up in Siberia where they enjoyed the art of wood stacking and bobsledding. Some of the teams encountered falling wood stacks and ended up switching to the other detour - building a set of shutters. The hardest part for them was finding the house to put the shutters on (had a big sign and they missed it - not once, but twice!). Then the shit hit the fan.

Like in past seasons, this leg of the race unveiled the "U-Turn". This means that if a previous team posted your photo on the board, you had to return back to the detour and do the alternate option that you chose not to do. Unlike previous seasons, however, the team "u-turning" another team did not have to post their own photo to show who did the deed. That's just awesome to me. Cocky dating team, Kris and Amanda were bestowed with the "U-Turn" and were none too pleased about it. Amanda whined about being "super nice" to everyone all the way back to the wood stacking challenge.

The best part is the cab ride after they finished the second detour. They were speculating which duo might have been the culprits. First they suspected the sister pair of Kisha and Jenn and then flight attendants Christie and Jody. They figured since they were in the first group to arrive, it must have been one of those two teams. Then they spoke of father/son team Mel and Mike and how they "must have felt so bad" about them having to go back. They said the same of Margie and Luke. That was priceless. Margie and Luke were the ones who did it. It's about time someone on one of these competition shows actually does something to help themselves.

And yes, Kris and Amanda came in last and were eliminated. So long!

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