Celebrity Apprentice, Week 2 : Tale of Two Testicles

I think episode two of the Celebrity Apprentice was actually much better than the first. For one, I didn't have to listen to Herschel Walker make stupid football references or call Donald Trump, "Coach" like an imbecile. Secondly, we didn't have to watch Andrew Dice Clay prove why he is totally irrelevant. Unfortunately, Joan Rivers hasn't lost her voice yet.

This week's task was one for the nerds out there : comic books. The teams were given the task of creating a comic book super hero for Zappos.com. The super hero was to be used to help brand the website. Um, what do a group of straight men know about shopping for women's clothes? Oh, well they did have Dennis Rodman - not much help there though. For project managers, it was Khloe Kardashian versus Scott Hamilton.

Once again, the men's team was still in disarray - 7 men wanting to be chiefs and no one willing to play follow the leader. On the women's side, none of them would shut up but at least they got some work done. It didn't take them 6 hours to come up with a crappy character like the men. The worst problem for the women seems to be ego - Annie Duke wants to be in charge all the time; Joan Rivers is, well, Joan Rivers; Melissa Rivers is willing to claim credit for other people's ideas. Then men have a more serious problem - stupidity.

The women came up with a character named "Miz Z" who used Z-shaped lightning bolts to turn bad customer service into great service. The guys had a similar concept, except they had a more average looking costume and called the person "EEE". Why the hell would they call a character for Zappos, "EEE"??? The funniest part was that only Tom Green questioned the name. The others were content to allow the name "out of loyalty to the project manager." Stuff like that gets you fired on the show boys.

In the end, Scott Hamilton, Clint Black and Walker tried to paint a picture of Tom Green so awful that Trump would have to fire him. Apparently, they have not watched the show much. The majority of the time the Donald fires the person responsible for the loss, not just who he doesn't like. Hamilton chose Green and Walker to go into the board room with him. He chose Walker because he would just say what he wanted him to say about Green. Hamilton tried to convince Trump that Tom was just there to "perform" and not to win money for charity. Tom Green took offense to that saying that he also survived testicular cancer like Hamilton had. For some reason, he brought up that he had one nut left and to that Hamilton said, "together we're a set!"

After all was said and done, Scott Hamilton was fired for coming up with the stupid name and that was why they lost the task. Should be interesting next week if Tom Green is the project manager for the men. As for the women, I would like Claudia Jordan to be the PM so they can lose and she can be eliminated. Why? Why not?

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I'm so glad you write about this! Why didn't you leave a comment, so I'd know you did? Claudia doesn't seem to add much, does she?

I agree with your observations. There was something on the local news tonight about Clint Black's saying he didn't belong on there and how the editing tried to make it look as if he argued. Not sure about all that because I wasn't paying attention until I tuned in and realized what they were talking about.

I'll be checking here regularly to see what you say about this show and some others!