American Idol Top 12 : Country Road, Take Megan Home

This week's theme is Grand Ol' Opry week - with contestants able to choose songs only by artists who have been inducted as members of the Opry. I have to be honest, I was worried for country week, as I am every season. I really don't know why they force us to listen to contestants destroy wonderful country songs year after year. I must say I was jealous of the contestants this week - I don't think any of them know just how wonderful an artist Randy Travis is or the contributions he has made to the music industry.

This week I am doing my recap a little differently. Surprisingly, many of the contestants didn't suck like the past few weeks. They will be given grades instead. Here's my recap :

Head of the Class

Michael Sarver -- "Ain't Goin' Down" by Garth Brooks -- I think Sarver may be well-suited to record country music. He didn't pick a song with huge notes or lots of riffs - which the judges criticized - but Sarver understands what country music is about. It is about having FUN. I don't think anyone would make an album with only songs with big notes, etc. I like that he is not afraid to stand up to Simon - during his critique he told Simon, "if we were all perfect, we wouldn't need this show." Grade : A

Adam Lambert -- "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash -- Obviously, the judges did not appreciate the Middle Eastern style of the song. I am not going to say I thought this was a great performance - it definitely wasn't - but I will give Adam some credit. I didn't think there was any way for him to do "country" but I do think he was true to himself and the arrangement was very much 'Adam'. I look for a rebound next week for Adam. Grade : B

Danny Gokey -- "Jesus Take The Wheel" by Carrie Underwood -- Its a good thing for the contestants that Carrie Underwood was just inducted into the Opry (WTG Carrie!). It helped them choose songs that are already relevant without having to do the work themselves. While the chorus of song allowed Danny to shine, it was a bumpy ride to get there. Hopefully this will inspire him to pick better songs rather than just safe ones. Safe doesn't make you the Idol. Grade : A-

Anoop Desai -- "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson -- Well he make a great rebound from his putrid performance last week. The only problem with this performance is that I doubt I will remember it tomorrow. I'm also not sure that enough people will vote for him after last week. Grade : B

Matt Giraud -- "So Small" by Carrie Underwood -- I know the judges said this was one of the best of the night, but I don't agree. This is a signature song of Underwood's and Matt did a so-so cover of a great song. I actually thought he tried to make this song bigger than it really is and it got away from him a bit. Grade : B+

Needs To Do Their Homework

Kris Allen -- "Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks -- Before anyone yells at me (that means you SHAE), I don't think Kris was terrible tonight. I think he falls into the same category as Anoop - forgettable. I do give him props for proving he doesn't have to have his guitar to being able to sing well. My biggest problem is that he took a beautiful country song and made it generic. I think he should be safe this week, but I would not be surprised if he is in the Bottom 3. Grade : B-

Lil Rounds -- "Independence Day" by Martina McBride -- Well tonight proved that country is NOT her genre. She shouldn't even do country songs at karaoke. She would have been better off taking a country song and trying to give it an R&B feel rather than try to sing country. This song is a huge song and it swallowed her whole. Grade : D

Alexis Grace -- "Jolene" by Dolly Parton -- Let me start off by saying that I don't think any contestant should should an artist's signature hit and try to make it theirs - it is impossible. I really would like to know who told her that she looks like Dolly - they're blind. The other problem with this performance is that this song is one that is stripped down and it shows off any flaws - and there were a lot. Grade : D-

Megan Corkery -- "Walkin' After Midnight" by Patsy Cline -- OK, first off - the judges should not have given her good feedback just because she has the flu. Let's face it, real artists perform in pain, sick and who knows what else to earn their paycheck. Even my hubby Darin said, "I'm tone deaf and even I know that was horrible!" I have to admit, we were laughing hysterically at her performance. In the beginning she phrased her words oddly and sang mooooonlight and it reminded us of Maureen in Rent saying, "Mooooo with me!" If she makes it through to next week, she can thank for their help. Please put us out of our misery and send her home! Grade : F (only because there is nothing lower!)

Teacher's Pet

Allison Iraheta -- "Blame It On Your Heart" by Patty Loveless -- Can someone please check her ID to prove she isn't 25? Allison continues to impress everyone and show just how mature a performer she is at the young age of 16. I think Allison is easily the top female and should be around until the final weeks of competition. Grade : A+

Scott McIntyre -- "Wild Angels" by Martina McBride -- I thought this was big risk for Scott and he really pulled it off. I don't care that the judges think he needs to pick "better songs" or that Paula thinks the he should lose the piano (or is it that she wants the blind guy to fall off the stage?). I love that Simon shot down Paula by reminding her that Elton John and others have made their careers by performing with the piano. In my opinion, we could be watching the next Josh Groban. Grade : A+

My Bottom Three

Alexis Grace
Megan Corkery
Lil Rounds

Again, it would not surprise me to see Kris Allen in the bottom but I think he might just be outside the bottom. Also, enough people might have not liked Adam Lambert's take on a Johnny Cash classic to put him in the bottom as well. As for Lil Rounds, I think she deserves to be in the bottom, but even if she is I think she'll be safe. I am going to say that Megan goes this week, but it could just as easily be Alexis who gets the boot.

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im thinking alexis. But then again, america is voting and megan might be out. But simon has a crush on her, so he might save her.

I don't think they would waste the save on Megan. That save is for people like Danny, Adam or Allison - people they think they can make money off of after Idol is over. If it isn't one of their obvious favorites they want in the finals, they won't use it.