DWTS, Week 2 Results : It's a No-Go, Go-Go

Here we are - the first elimination of the season. Is it wrong that I enjoy this part more than the dancing itself? If you recall, I said that Belinda and The Woz would be the bottom two contestants and I was right! Of course, that meant we had to watch them do the same horrible dances for a second time. Is that really necessary folks?

Belinda and the yummy Jonathan reprised their salsa from last night but actually only got a 17 from the judges - 1 point less than last night's effort. The Woz and Karina did the quickstep from last night and received the same score - 17. Big surprise - the judges copped out and decided not to influence the totals.

In the end, Belinda because the first contestants booted from the ballroom. I am not really surprised, actually. Yes, she had a 5 point lead over The Woz in the judges scores, but I had a feeling he would receive a lot of fan support. I also thought she wouldn't have much as she is the person who has been out of the public eye the longest among the celebrities.

So, Belinda's gone but The Woz survives to dance again. Next time though, lose the pink boa Steve!

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This was expected. You called it pretty well!