Baton Rouge Lawyer Murder Solved?

Y'all may remember a month ago when I blogged about a local lawyer who was found dead in her law office. In fact, just the day before she had been featured on the local news for her part in a high profile murder case. The police now have a suspect in custody. Actually, he has been in custody for awhile now.

Chiquita Tate had been estranged from her husband for domestic abuse reasons. The police had found out there was a bench warrant for his arrest stemming from a 2007 case involving a seat belt violation. So, they executed the warrant and yesterday was released. Unfortunately for him, the state's forensic evidence results came back and linked him to the murder.

According to multiple news affiliates, the evidence includes a mixture of his and Tate's blood in his vehicle and also on a Clorox bottle in his home. Tate had been stabbed 38 times which led investigators to conclude that her murderer had to be someone she knew. Greg Harris was re-arrested and this time faces second-degree murder charges. Bond has been set at $500,0000.

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That happens way too much. Second-degree?

I'm guessing they don't think it was pre-meditated. No idea though