Celebrity Apprentice, Week 4: Bitch Fest 2009

Well they promised us a huge Dennis Rodman meltdown. They call that a meltdown? That was tame by Rodman standards.

And next week, there is an intervention?

Oh, the drama.

This week started with Brande delivering her check to the person who oversees the CA Youth services charities. She was lucky to be the PM this past week - she got $166,680 for her charity. They then showed the teams being told that their next task would be to put together an "exciting" presentation for an event to launch a new video telephone. The struggling men's team chose Brian McKnight as PM and the women chose Claudia Jordan.

Right off, the women were in trouble. I've been saying since the premiere that Claudia Jordan doesn't belong there. Come on, her claim to fame is that she opens briefcases on a game show. It was evident the women were not going to do well when the brainstorming session turns into chaos and Melissa Rivers started yapping forever. Claudia basically tells Melissa to shut up and of course Melissa gets all dramatic and bitching that Claudia "attacked her profession". I didn't realize that Claudia was making fun of those E! Red Carpet shows that no one watches.

The men on the other hand had Dennis to deal with. In fact, after his little issue with Clint, Dennis took off. When he came back, McKnight told him to get lost - he didn't want to babysit Dennis. While it appeared the men weren't doing much, they actually had a lot done. Perhaps the most critical part was Jesse James' contribution - which Clint Black said was pointless to waste time on. He better be kissing James' ass for going to West Point to create his vignette. And for a second time, Rodman was told to get lost.

After seeing both presentations, I thought the men had almost nailed it. The only criticism I had was that the dancing women with the phones didn't really show the product well enough. The best part was how great Jesse James' video was - and it brought the emotional component into the presentation. Without that element, the men would surely have lost. The women's was better that it had been in rehearsal - thanks to Melissa Rivers taking charge - but it was kind of boring and as funny as Joan Rivers was, the videos were very cheesy and it took a fake marriage proposal to get the audience excited.

Big shock. The men won. They won 386 votes to 61. What a beat down!

Finally, we can get rid of one of the bitches women.

As predicted, the boardroom turned into a bitch fest between Claudia and Melissa. The funniest thing was when Melissa turned to her mother and said, "Jump in here mother." OMG - Is Joan a Stepford Mother? And on cue, Joan started bad-mouthing Claudia. Um, Joan wasn't even there for the issues Claudia was talking about! Why the hell did they cast both women on this show anyways? Can't the two of them do anything without being attached at the ass?

Did someone tell Melissa that the boardroom is just a biggest dick contest? God - does anyone even care about Melissa or Joan Rivers anyways? I think Andrew Dice Clay is more relevant than those two.

Claudia then brought - surprise! - Melissa back into the board room with her and then also chose Khloe Kardashian - who was completely useless. Khloe was smart and kept her mouth shut for the most part and didn't become the sacrificial lamb. In the end, Claudia was a crappy project manager and she couldn't manage the chaos well enough to pull out the win - so she got the boot.

Thank god. No more Claudia. Boo hoo.

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Melissa Rivers really needs to be slapped repeatedly. Money and your Mommy don't give you entitlement to be an arrogant, rude, nasty, bitch.