Amazing Race : Speed Bumped

This week the teams left Siberia and flew to Jaipur, India. Once there, the teams encountered many forms of poverty - with none more affected than Luke who began sobbing when he saw children eating out of the garbage.

They also encountered something else - Indian taxi drivers and a whole new kind of traffic.

Teams first task was to get their clue from a man in front of a tree. Tammy and Victor didn't seem to have any trouble finding the clue but other teams searched for several minutes before noticing the telephone next to the man. They had to call one of the numbers on the phone in order to get their clue telling them where to go.

Once the teams finally got there, they found Victor well ahead of them and a whole lot of camels. They had to use traditional tools to move camel feed and water - some weren't real intelligent and ignored all the tools available. From there, the teams had to choose between two detours - movers and shakers. The blondes, however, had to go to their speed bump where they had to use "make-up" to decorate an elephant for a traditional celebration.

Mark and Michael were the only team to choose movers - where they had to ride rickshaws and deliver containers to a market. Once there, they had to search in the containers for a tiny elephant. In the other detour - and more entertaining by far - the teams had to put on "parade clothes and make-up" and dance to earn tips. Come on - who didn't want to see Mel and Mike dancing?

In the end, Tammy and Loser won their second leg of the race and we were finally rid of the Blondes. Just like when Kris and Amanda were U-Turned, Christie and Jodi could not overcome the speed bump and they were sent packing.

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