Celebrity Apprentice, Week 5 : Vodka, Cranberry & Cookies Out The Ass!

This week our teams were given the task of running a hotel for two days. That included running a concierge desk, housekeeping, bellman, room service, etc.

Ok let's be honest here. They had 5 rooms each. This wasn't exactly an ENTIRE hotel.

To start, the teams chose Dennis Rodman and Tionne (aka T-Boz) to be the Project Managers. Am I the only one who predicted doom for the men at this point?

Immediately, the crazy started for the men's team. Well, maybe not right away. I think to start, Dennis actually was doing well as a team leader. He had some great ideas and he did delegate pretty well to the other men. In fact, Dennis thought of doing something even the women didn't - chauffeured cars. More on that in a bit.

The problem for the men was that Dennis started becoming Dennis again - thanks to the Vodka and Cranberry cocktails. For him, that is "instant jackass" punch.

Once again, it didn't really matter who was in charge of the men - it was disorganized chaos yet again. Five minutes before their guests were scheduled to start arriving, they still hadn't finished cleaning their five rooms. To top it off, one guest was already waiting in the "lobby". Also, no amenities had been placed in the guests' rooms. On that subject, how did the men think that putting 5 chocolate chip cookies in the room was good enough?? Haven't these people stayed in some of the better hotels themselves?

On the women's side, it was hard work as usual. Unlike the men's team, the females have several strong candidates for the Apprentice. I was glad to see Tionne as the PM this week as she was one of my favorite contestants when the show began. I actually thought the other women would drown her out and she wouldn't get her chance to shine - but boy did she this week! She is clearly the most organized person on either team and for once, not one woman had something bad to say about their PM.

I think the one thing that really set the women apart in this task - as well as so many others - is that they really think outside the box. They actually think about the little things just as much as they do the larger picture - something the men do not do. The only real issue I had with the women was that at times, they were a bit too eager to please their guests. That caused a number of problems - Joan not telling guests about extra charges, Khloe bringing food an hour too early and them doing a "turn-down" service at 4 pm! Other than those mishaps, despite the extra work they gave themselves - like offering a complimentary breakfast - things actually went quite smoothly for the women.

The men weren't so lucky.

Lack of planning led to many issues - not having reservations ready, no tickets, no amenities, room service issues and the list goes on and on. Oh, and speaking of the amenities - apparently Dennis Rodman as your dinner guest is one of them! That's right - he actually went to dinner with two of the guests! When he came back, he was even more drunk than before. That is when he was asked about the cookies he took five minutes before check-in to get wrapped up by the chef.

He had no idea what cookies! Fortunately, they were able to job his memory and when he returned with the cookies - 10 hours after he was supposed to get them - he began yelling, "Cookies out the Ass!!" to everyone in the lobby. And as he usually does, Dennis left and abandoned his team. While Dennis did actually do some things right, he did a whole lot more wrong. When he returned the next morning, he actually told Clint that he "preferred he not talk to him" and to "go talk to the other black guy". This is why it is so hard to like Dennis.

Obviously, the women won the task by scoring a 91/100 on their guest critiques compared to the men's 86/100. That meant that T-Boz won $20,000 for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia - a disease that she herself suffers from.

I think Jesse said it best in the board room when he mentioned he thought Dennis has a drinking problem. I think of anyone there, he would be the one to understand best as he had a drinking issue in his past as well. I was glad to see that everyone handled things the way they did - with a lot of compassion, even if Dennis didn't see that at the time.

I am sure by now you're already figured out that Dennis was the person to be fired. I do want to say something about him here though - more than just the crazy antics they show on the series.

I think the problem for Dennis is that he is struggling between the person he really is and the persona that people expect from him. He has always been known as an eccentric person and larger than life. I think maybe that over the years it has become harder and harder for him to give the people what they want - someone that he isn't. I think at times we all struggle between who we truly are and what people expect from us. For Dennis, I think alcohol may be the only way he can become that person that people expect - or at least who he thinks people want.

I truly hope Dennis finds a way to come to terms with his inner demons and find the strength to show people who he truly is.

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